CMX supports universities, institutions and investigator-led trials. While assisting researchers in reaching their desired targets, CMX develops strategic partnerships and establishes relationships with Sponsors. CMX facilitates quick start-up and support to principal investigators to ensure that studies are completed in a timely manner while adhering to all the regulations and laws governing your clinical research.

You can also benefit by increasing your grants by 25-30%. We can help reassure your sponsor that your investigator-led trial will be completed with accurate data, final presentation and publication. We will help deliver results for a fraction of what it would cost using a standard CRO.

CMX offers an array of clinical trial services including:

  • Study Design and Launch
  • Study Management
  • Site Selection, Recruitment and Study Monitoring
  • Budget-friendly Pricing and Grant Support
  • Strategic Study Support including Project Rescues
  • Project Management
  • Data Management and Analysis
  • Final Report Writing

What can CMX do for ILT’s?

Case Study #1
Proposal: Single site, 10 patient study in overactive bladder
Budget: $30,000

With CMX’s help, we expanded a 3 site, 30 patient trial with a new budget of $100,000
Results: Expanded an idea locally, completed in 6 months, 3 poster presentations and manuscript in preparation.

Casey Study #2
Proposal: Quality of life study in prostate cancer patients. Examine 20-30 patients.
Budget: $90,000

With CMX’s help, we expanded to 50 sites, 500 patient project and a new budget of $1.5 Million
Result: Expanded an idea nationally 10 poster presentation, 2 published manuscripts.

Case Study #3
Proposal: Accelerate a project after poor enrollment in a study consisting of examining local effects of an intraprostatic injection and most of the budget was utilized.
Budget: $ 50,000

With CMX’s help, we negotiated a new budget amount of $100,000
Result: CMX saved the study by providing study coordination and adding one local site.