CMX for Investigators & Academics

CMX supports university, institutional and investigator-led research through our dedicated CMX University Trials (CUT) department, which offers exceptional support, site selection, recruitment and study management with budget-friendly pricing. CMX’s services facilitate quick start-up and support the work of principal investigators to ensure that studies are completed in a timely manner while adhering to all the regulations and laws governing their clinical research. While assisting researchers in reaching desired end targets (a successful research paper, presentation or a larger follow-up study), CMX also helps researchers to develop more strategic partnerships and deepen relationships with sponsors. To learn more about how CMX can help you expand your trial, contact Dr. Casey for a no-cost review of your study.

Investigator-led studies that work with CMX research:

  • Generally benefit from increased grants of 25-30% (on average)
  • Reach presentation or publication 100% of the time (download the PDF for more case studies)

CMX professionals provide a complete array of clinical trial services as needed, from study design to initiation, project management, recruitment, study monitoring, data management, data analysis and final report writing. Contact the CMX team to get a quote on your upcoming study. Our core strengths include:

  • 150 physician research network
  • Wide range of experience
  • Strong recruitment
  • Community based but academically minded
  • Proof of concept to Phase IV
  • CEO is a physician

Comprehensive Network Of Clinical Trial Sites

CMX has a vast network of clinical trial sites with the ability to run trials across multiple disciplines, and can assist with everything from small, single site phase I trials through to global phase IVs. Priced to Fit Your Budget For investigator led studies, we can tailor our support to provide just the services you need to ensure your study is a success.  We mitigate study costs by meeting aggressive timelines in terms of study start up, regulatory approvals and enrollment. We also offer group rate pricing based on multiple studies under multiple investigators from a single organization.

Expanding an IDEA nationally.

Proposal: Quality of life study in prostate cancer patients. Examine 20-30 patients.

Budget: $60-90,000 With CMX’s help, expanded to 50 site, 500 patient project with a new budget of 1.5 million.

Results: > 10 poster presentations > 2 published manuscripts

Contact CMX today or email Dr. Casey to learn more or to get a quote for your next study. You can also reach us by phone at (905) 338-1078.

Having no study at all is better than a poorly done project.

 It’s easy for things to get out of hand when you’re so busy. CMX will ensure your trial is completed on time, on budget and with the desired target–publication, presentation or further study

Dr. Richard Casey

CEO, CMX Research