Clinical Trial Consulting

CMX has established itself as an expert for conducting Phase IV clinical trials that support pharmacovigilance and long-term treatment outcomes. Post-marketing clinical trials speed up the safe and effective transition from research into clinical practice and identify target populations, treatment trends, outcomes and barriers to new medication use.

CMX designs innovative Phase IV projects, Investigator Lead Trials (ILT) and comparator trials for drugs and devices. We have also developed many disease and drug registries that have effectively tracked patients with chronic disorders and how they were managed by physicians. These studies provide invaluable data on risk factors and concomitant treatment choices once a medication or device has already received market approval. We assist in biopharmaceutical or medical device product development, market positioning, investor relations consulting and market research.

In addition, the CMX portfolio includes GCP Training, CME courses, study procedure training and investigator meeting planning, as well as site marketing and management education.