Urology / Oncology Research Partner

It’s time to work with a CRO who understands the unique needs of oncology based research.

US / Canadian Site Network

Work with CMX to ensure you have adequate sites in both the US and Canada to address your enrollment requirements.

Early Phase / Proof of Concept Studies

CMX has deep experience in developing, executing and managing proof of concept studies.

It is time to get smart, focused, strategic and executional support to run your next study. CMX can help.

It is time to work with a results-focused CRO centered around urology/oncology studies. A team that understands what it takes to develop and successfully implement unique solutions that achieve your study objectives.

Physician-managed by a practicing urologist with over 30 years of operational and clinical research experience, CMX is particularly skilled to drive your [oncology] studies to a timely, successful and budget conscious completion.

Smart thinking and well implemented agile solutions allow CMX to tackle all of your early to Phase IV requirements, including consulting and managing proof-of-concept studies. Connect with CMX to see how our team can assist you and your team on your company’s next project.